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Thread: Can dBpoweramp edit wav files to be listed in 2 genres?

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    Can dBpoweramp edit wav files to be listed in 2 genres?


    Just that, I've tried editing my wav files with this tool to be listed in 2 genres but the way I'm doing it doesn't work. In fact when I list songs in 2 genres the disappear from all genres.

    I've been listing them as such: "New Age; Vocal", in the dBpoweramp metadata editor. This is the format you edit songs to be listed in 2 or more genres in Windows Media Player.

    So. is there a special way to edit songs using dBpoweramp metadata editor to get songs to be listed in more than one genre? Or not?



    PS It does make a new genre. I tried editing "Jazz; New Age" and get a new genre "JazzNew Age" (exactly like that).
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