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Thread: Wrong View Genre (show Genre as numbers)

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    Wrong View Genre (show Genre as numbers)

    Hi folks,

    i am looking for a powerful upnp server for my music library (approx. 2000 albums) and i discovered asset upnp. Unfortunatly, asset upnp shows weird numbers in the default genre view. Please help, i tried to set the genre in the affected cd's new but with no help. I am using Mac's, runnning the latest OSX version and the latest asset upnp version available for download. I have attached a screenshot for better understanding, i see these number with several upnp clients. With Twonky Server (My standart upnp server), i do not see these numbers in the genre view.

    Thank you for help,

    PS. The reason for looking @ asset upup are my classic music cd's The main choosing parameter for classical music is the composer, therefore i like to choose over the genre/composer structure: genre/composer/album. Should be a default view in upnp servers.....
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