This info might not directly assist 'Garyd9' but may assist others with NAMING CONVENTION Strings and STANDARD DSPs.

1) <WHAT to do with THE> To automatically change Artists names to 'NAME, The' instead of 'The NAME'-

+ Select 'Menu'(Green List Icon) / 'CD Ripper Options' / 'Tags & File Names' / 'Meta Data & ID Tag - OPTIONS' / put a check in the box 'Replace 'The [artist]' with '[artist], The'.

2) <NICE Naming Convention strings> -

+ Two nice dynamic naming strings some nice person (thanks) offered me years ago from dBpoweramp FORUM:
"Heres the dynamic naming string I use. It automatically deals with compilations and multi disks. Just copy it and paste into The box where you enter naming. Try it with ripping and see if you like the outcome."

---- For ALAC, using "Compilations" folder instead of "Various Artists":

[IFCOMP]Compilations\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track]-[title]-[artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track]-[title][]

---- For FLAC, using "Various Artists" folder (not "Compilations"):

[IFCOMP]Various Artists\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track]-[title]-[artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track]-[title][]

* We use these with [Mult-Encoder] simultaneously inputting to our [FLAC] and [ALAC]Apple Lossless (M4a -Level5) as we rip cd once, adding all the info we would ever want about the album.

3) <DSPs used> -

+ We typically only use:

- ReplayGain (Track & Album Gain) [calculate Replay Gain, or EBU R128 volume adjustment]
- HDCD (w +6 db Amplification...) [decode HDCD Audio Cds (Windows Only)]
- Audio CD - Hidden Track (w -dbsilence+"-54" Window(Detection Threshold)="4000"ms) [remove mid-track silence]
- Audio CD - Silence Track Deletion [remove silence tracks from Audio CD]

(we use a few others depending on the needs of the CD being processed)

HOPE this helps some. Thanks for past assistance from others, and have FUN TODAY!
~ rkk