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So your podcasts are literally in the same tree structure as your music, and not like

I suppose the other question is are you looking for something to serve your podcasts too? Whilst it's not designed for it I guess they're just audio files with tags.
The folder structure ist as following:

The audiobooks and podcasts are just regular audio files with genre-tag "audiobook" or "podcast".

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Do you have, or could you add a single tag to all your files to differentiate them? At that point you could add that tag as an Index/Container to Asset (or as a Library Exclusion if you're not interested in serving podcasts) and make that your first browsing selection which would exclude all the files from the other categories for subsequent browsing.

EDIT: If not a single tag, I know you have COLLECTION=1 that could identify your collections, but is there a tag that's always used for podcasts but nothing else?
On all audio files the following tags are used:
Additionaly compilations, soundtracks, and the files in the various_artists folder has the tag COMPILATION=1.

If it is not absolutely necessary, I would like to save myself the trouble of having to tag all the other audio files with an extra tag.

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COLLECTION=1 would be a custom tag, but I assume you are aware that the standard is COMPILATION=1

Also, don't you populate ALBUM ARTIST? Browsing by that won't include the artists on compilations (but also not guest artists on regular albums).
Of course I meant COMPILATION=1.
Please excuse the confusion.

The tag ALBUM ARTIST is not used yet.

How do other users handle this?