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Thread: Debian Linux Asset Specifics

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    Debian Linux Asset Specifics

    This Asset build is for Debian, but it will also run on other Linux versions

    Installation details

    To install it is done through the SSH command-line, for headless devices, install 'Putty' then connect to the device to access command-shell.

    Create a folder for Asset: 
    cd /usr/bin
    sudo mkdir asset
    sudo chmod 777 asset
    cd asset
    Download asset (32 bit), free version:
    wget http://www.dbpoweramp.com/install/AssetUPnP-Linux-x86.tar.gz
    or 64 bit:
    wget http://www.dbpoweramp.com/install/AssetUPnP-Linux-x64.tar.gz
    Download asset (32 bit), premium registered version:
    wget http://secure.dbpoweramp.com/downloadorder.aspx?product=1&ordernum=123456789 -O asset.tar.gz
    or 64 bit, premium registered version:
    wget http://secure.dbpoweramp.com/downloadorder.aspx?ordernum=123456789 -O asset.tar.gz
    (where 123456789 is your actual order number)
    extract it:
    tar -zxvf *.gz
    rm *.gz
    Run Asset:
    cd /usr/bin/asset/Asset-R6-Linux-x64-registered/bin
    Once running it will show Presentation URL   type this into a web browser on any computer on the same network, example:
    Then click 'configure' to specify the options
    Setting Asset to start automatically

    sudo crontab -e
    press the down arrow until the cursor is right at the bottom (on a blank line, press enter if not on a blank line)
    @reboot /usr/bin/asset/Asset-R6-Linux-x64-registered/bin/AssetUPnP
    Press keys CTRL + X   choose Y to save, press enter
    restart system:  
    sudo reboot
    The web log-in will be the same as when run manually, if at a later date you cannot find this address (or port), log into the pi and type:
    this will show on the inet addr   for eth0, take the shown ip address and:
    Where x.x.x.x is the address shown
    To find the port asset is using:
    sudo netstat -pln
    look for the lines with AssetUPnP on the end, it should be shown as  (for configuration)  (as well as which is used by UPnP devices  and for broadcast)
    The configuration files for Asset are stored: ~/.dBpoweramp
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    Re: Debian Linux Asset Specifics

    Storing your data files in another location

    Prior to running Asset, set an environment var _APPDATA_OVERRIDE pointing it to a folder where you want your Asset data stored.
    _APPDATA_OVERRIDE=/path/to/asset/data ./AssetUPnP
    export _APPDATA_OVERRIDE=/path/to/asset/data
    If you're starting Asset on system startup using crontab as shown in the post above, insert the environment var before the command that starts Asset:
    @reboot _APPDATA_OVERRIDE=/path/to/asset/data /usr/bin/asset/Asset-R6-Linux-x64-registered/bin/AssetUPnP

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    Re: Debian Linux Asset Specifics

    Removing Asset from crontab:
    sudo crontab -l | fgrep -v AssetUPnP > /tmp/crontab-asset.txt
    sudo crontab /tmp/crontab-asset.txt
    rm /tmp/crontab-asset.txt

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    Re: Debian Linux Asset Specifics

    New simplified guide, using install scripts for Asset R6.6 and newer-

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