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Thread: Correction Offset Missmatch

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    Exclamation Correction Offset Missmatch

    Hi there!

    I try to get Accuraterip working on my second drive, model ASUS SBC-06D2X-U.
    But everytime i put a key disc in the drive, i got a window with this message "AccurateRip will not key to this offset as it miss-matches the drive database offset. [ Calculated offset value + 103 samples, + 412 bytes. ]
    I checked the database and it seems like the correction offset for this drive is +48.

    What is the procedure to follow to run Accuraterip on this drive?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Correction Offset Missmatch

    How many discs have shown that offset? and are the discs not part of a single box set (or compilation).

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    Re: Correction Offset Missmatch

    I retried with 3 different discs (Adema - Adema; Adema - Insomniac's Dream EP; 311 - From Chaos), but i have tested many more key discs and the calculated offset value is always +103 samples, +412 bytes. Tried Faith no More - Who Cares a Lot as i'm writing this message and got again +103 samples, +412 bytes.

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    Re: Correction Offset Missmatch

    Can you try to add this drive or maybe change the offset in the database?
    How drives if the same reference can give different offsets?


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    Re: Correction Offset Missmatch

    The next monthly update, we will purge this drive from the database, so that it will key using 3 discs.

    All drives are supposed to have a consistent offset, and they do, there is a handful of drives which seem to change over time.

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    Re: Correction Offset Missmatch

    When is the next monthly update?
    I will try it again after the purge.

    Thanks a lot

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