Yesterday, I used dbPoweramp converter to convert an album (folder) of .wav files to FLAC and store them on the directory on my QNAP that Asset UPnP scans for my listening. I use Bubble UPnP on an android as a controller for my Yamaha receiver. When I went to play the tracks using Bubble to select them for the Yamaha, the Yamaha said it couldn't play them, and the Android had an error message "Illegal Mime Code Type 714". I tried playing them from the Yamaha directly using the remote instead of the Android, and they played fine. The android also played them fine using Twonky instead of Asset. Other files from both the ripper and converter played OK, although I have often noticed some breakup at the beginning of tracks, for a second or two. Further checking revealed that Bubble also was unable to play some of the tracks from my old m4a rips done by winamp that I recently moved to the QNAP so Asset could catalog them until I get them re-ripped in FLAC by dbPoweramp. After trying the usual reboots,etc, in playing with Bubble, I found by clicking on the artwork thumbnail, it would display the name of the streams available and what it was attempting to play. To my dismay and surprise I found it was always playing or trying to play the Wave stream, the third one in the list. Now, I didn't know the Yamaha could even render .wav files, and it apparently could deal with 16 bit .wav, but not 24 bit, which the newly converted FLAC files were. Now I didn't even realize that Asset was sending multiple streams until I read all the instructions.

To cut this short, I changed the config setting for Asset so it only sent a single stream, and now everything is fine, the FLAC files play as FLAC, even at 24 bits, and the m4a's play properly as m4a's. Also the breakup at the beginning of tracks I noticed has disappeared.

I thought I would post this in case someone else has similar issues, to save them the time.

John Schmidt