This may be a simple problem, and it may be something to do with my hi-fi (a Marantz CR603), which I'm also checking.

I have created playlists with both Foobar2000 and Playlist Creator, both as m3u and fpl files. They are kept in a separate folder (/playlists) and Asset is configured to look for them in that folder with 'Contains: Playlists' set as it should be. The folder (Windows 7) is shared.

They work OK when played on the desktop, but when I search for playlists on the Marantz, it says 'empty' and can't find them, regardless of the format.

Now this may be something to do with the hi-fi (and I'm asking Marantz support as well), but is there anything obvious I may be missing?

The Marantz plays everything else with no problems (a mixture of FLAC and mp3) and seems to deal fine with all the other tags - both indexing and searching.