I have dbpoweramp 9. Bought the $36 version. Worked well and I ripped the majority of my cds. Computer audio wasn't for me, so it set idle until now. Bought Oppo BD105, hooked hard drive directly to it, and now love computer audio. It is so easy now.

I have a few questions about upgrading dbpoweramp to 14.

1. How big is the update file? My internet/ripping computer is old xp unit on dial up.
2. If the file is too big, can I download the update at work on broadband, save to thumbdrive, and bring it home to XP ripping computer? Computer is on line,not good for large downloads.
3. I am doing updating to get the album cover metadata working again. Is this the proper course?
4. How much is the update and is there a link?
5. Does the program work the same way? I barely work computers and dbpoweramp 9 is so easy. Wouldn't want to jeopardise this.
6. If I need any kind of numbers or codes from original purchase- I don't have them. It is the same computer and location.
Sorry for so many questions and being so inept with computers.
thanks for any help.