Setup: NB21 connected via USB3 to Windows 8.1 64bit.
Problem: The Nimbie robot stops responding to DBPA such that the batch ripper waits forever for the robot to load a CD.
This has been described by others in the forum as well:
Workaround: I have found that I can fix this issue by doing the following:

1) Start DBPowerAmp batch ripper
2) Start QQGetTray

DBPowerAmp is able to control the robot after the start of QQGetTray.

Further Notes:

- Don't start QQGetTray before DBPA
- Don't select any of the options in QQGetTray, just have it running

My guess is that QQGetTray initializes the robot, after which other applications that can talk with the robot are then able to do so. Perhaps whatever it is that QQGetTray does to initialize the robot can be added to DBPA?