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Thread: All the fuss about old plextors

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    Question All the fuss about old plextors

    So I'm hearing the general quality / worth in newer plextor models is misplaced these days. I've heard it said that they're essentially made up from components from different manufacturers and not actual plextor constructed drives, they're just rebadged? Is expect them to use components from other manufacturers that makes sense but I'm hearing that the drives themselves are essentially other brands models? Is there any truth in this? And if so, what brand drive are you actually buying when you get a modern plextor? Am I safe in saying they still modify the firmware and add plextor trickery into the units if they still sell it as a brand?

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    Re: All the fuss about old plextors

    The best plextor a 220a was just a rebadged drive. With accuraterip the difference is that the better drives can recover CDs which other drives cannot, however for 99% of CDs the drives are the same.

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    Re: All the fuss about old plextors

    This is nothing new. Back in the 1990s, many HP manufactured(?) CD-R drives were in fact developed and built by Philips.

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