Hi All,

I've been working on path and file naming
[genre]\[album artist][IFCOMP]Various Artists[]\[album][IFMULTI] (Disc [SETLEN]2,48,,[disc][])[]\[IFCOMP][SETLEN]2,48,,[track][]-[artist] - [title][][IF!COMP][SETLEN]2,48,,[track][] - [title][]

this does almost everything I want....though just shy of perfect.
currently this gives me
Pop\Madonna\Immaculate\05 - Holiday
Pop\Various Artists\Immaculate\05-Madonna - Holiday
Pop\Various Artists\Immaculate (Disc 01)\05-Madonna - Holiday
Pop\Madonna\Immaculate (Disc 01)\05 - Holiday

for multi disc sets though I would like
Pop\Madonna\Immaculate (Disc 01 of 03)\05 - Holiday

I've found if I add anything else it disrupts the whole string. Am I hitting some sort of string length limit?

using latest version of registered software

insights please