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Thread: M4a / FLAC conversions in Trial version

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    Cool M4a / FLAC conversions in Trial version


    I want to do a large batch conversion of OGG to FLAC files, so I have installed the trial version of dBpoweramp to test the concept. However it appears that OGG conversion is not possible in the trial version. Never-the-less I decided to do a M4a to FLAC conversion to test that I understood the process.

    Sadly this has failed as the resulting FLAC file is just white noise. I tried this a couple of times with the same result.

    I then tried a conversion of the same M4a file but this time to a WAV output file.................. sadly with the same white noise only result!!

    The test M4a file will play quite happily in my VLC player, so I do not think that this is the problem.

    Before I do any more tests, am I missing something obvious here?

    I am running 64bit Vista OS

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: M4a / FLAC conversions in Trial version

    You will need this one:


    because it has a fix for m4a ALAC files which have been encoded incorrectly (they are 24 bit files which are indicated internally as both 24 bit and 16 bit).

    Ogg vorbis requires the codec installing.

    Converting from Ogg Vorbis (a lossy) format to FLAC (a lossless) codec is not normally done, it does not increase the audio quality, but could allow the files to be played back on a player which does not support Ogg, normally mp3 would be used.

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