I'm planning to do this soon, upgrade from the original sized 500 Gb duo to a pair of new 1.5 Tb drives.

From the searching I've done of this forum I didn't find anything on this.

Under Shared Folders of WHSC I've got Music and Software folders Duplicated, the rest are Empty.

Are the OS and other related files duplicated? Or are these always only stored on the C drive? A critical issue I'm guessing.

I'm imagining, from having upgraded a ReadyNAS Duo in the past that the process should be:
1) swap in 1 new drive
2) wait for it to duplicate
3) swap in 2nd new drive
4) wait for it to duplicate
5) add more files :smile2:

But if OS only resides on C: drive then the process is surely more involved.

I have the Rescue*1.iso and ripnas17c.mrimg files on my Mac. I'm guessing if needed these need to be on a USB(?) or CDR, with presumably the files written in a certain order.

Thanks in advance for advice.