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Thread: Help for a beginner, please

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    Help for a beginner, please

    Yesterday I installed dBpoweramp Music Converter and have got it set up to rip my CDs into FLAC. I'm sure there's more tweaking needed for the configuration but it works.

    Today I went looking for a player to play the .flac files, found dBpoweramp Audio Player and thought "Great: they must be completely compatible." I've installed it and it plays audio CDs fine but when I try to play a .flac file (or an .m4a file) it will not recognise them. There is quite short menu of very basic audio formats shown as the available choices.

    I'm guessing the the Player needs extra add-ons or codecs to play these file types but I can't, for the life of me, see where or how to add them.

    Any help / explanations will be most welcome.

    In case it's relevant, I'm running WinXP Pro SP3

    PS Yesterday, after much searching, I found Copy Trans Manager for putting m4a music files onto my IPod Touch without have ITunes even installed on the PC.

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    Re: Help for a beginner, please

    The audioplayer is very old (has not been updated in 10 years), I would recommend something like foobar as a replacement player.

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    Re: Help for a beginner, please


    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I think it's a shame this is no longer supported: it seems to be a good little player. I guess there's just too many alternatives to make it worthwhile to spend time on it?

    I'll try Foobar, as you suggest.

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