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Thread: PerfectTunes - A few Feature Request

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    Lightbulb PerfectTunes - A few Feature Request

    Heya Spoon,

    Great program, and much faster than I expected.

    It seems I have a fair number of duplicates, and would like to see a few things added if possible.

    1. I would love the duplicate files to have check boxes for deletion.
    2. It would be nice if PerfectTunes could automatically select (the newly added check boxes) the obviously inferior copy (select an MP3 for deletion over a FLAC or delete a VBR over a CBR).
    3. When duplicates are found, be able to define preferred "keep" location(s). For example, I know all the files in a particular location were accurately ripped, I would like those to be saved over the other identified duplicates.
    4. Exporting the duplicate files is a nice feature, but would it be possible to include the details as well (size, encoding type, bitrate, track time length, etc.)? Basically with this I could (very) manually do what feature requests 1-3 would automatically do.

    I hope you agree these would be good features to implement, and look forward to see them implemented sometime soon!

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Regards,
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