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Thread: Album Art Woes

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    Album Art Woes

    Hey Spoon,
    I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting my custom jpg to show in google play music on android. After trying all the methods listed below, the original album artwork still displays in google music with both the flacs and their mp3 conversions. My guess is that the original album art is embedded in the flacs? (As you've already guessed, I have no clue on the inner workings and most of what I've tried is based on hunches and guesses)
    • Editing album cover with 'Edit ID Tags'
    • Including the desired jpg in the album folder on my phone
    • Changing the name of the custom jpg to match the album title
    • Reinstalling dbpoweramp (lol)
    • Removing the original jpg from the flac folder before conversion

    The only solution I've tried that "seems" to remove the original album art is when I clear the 'Album' tag during tag editing or when I choose to delete all tags using DSP Settings: ID Tag Processing. However, re-editing the 'Album' tag will allow the original jpg to display again. Please drop some knowledge on me!

    p.s. Are you Spoon from Frostwolf? :D

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    Re: Album Art Woes

    Perhaps google is adding its own artwork? if you rename the album tag to something else then it cannot match the album, and cannot apply album art its self.

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