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Thread: Playlists not sorted alphabetically

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    Playlists not sorted alphabetically

    Can anyone advise me how I get my playlists to list alphabetically?

    I am running Asset for OS X v0.8(1) and have pointed it to a folder of playlist files and told it that they are playlists.
    Asset spots them and can play their contents just fine, but seems to list them in a very random order, irrespective of what options I set.
    Under Browse Tree, I select Playlists and check the A to Z box, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Have I missed something?


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    Re: Playlists not sorted alphabetically

    The playlist names are not alphabetic? or file contents in the playlist.

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    Re: Playlists not sorted alphabetically

    The contents of any particular playlist are in the order specified by the playlist (ie. this works correctly).
    My issue is that I have ca. 300 playlists and the list of playlists is in a random order. Ideally, the list of playlists would be alphabetically sorted.

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    Re: Playlists not sorted alphabetically

    OK - I seem to have found a partial solution.
    The problem only exhibits when Asset is accessing folders held on my NAS.
    If I instead index folders on the local Mac these appear in alphabetical order.

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