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Thread: Issues with hybrid CD.

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    Issues with hybrid CD.

    A picture is worth a thousand words: http://i.imgur.com/JwZBoDs.png

    First issue is that the tag for the last track is missing. Should be Sharp Fear Short.

    Second issue is when I check "Prevent Detection of Hidden First Track", the track titles are offset by 1.

    Third issue is that although it says CD in AccurateRip, when I rip this CD, either with or without the first data track, it says "Not in AccurateRip" for all tracks. PerfectTunes also shows "Track not present in AccurateRip" for each track. The log also mentions this: [AccurateRip DiscIDs: 027-00784a6d-077ba93d-b3128a1c]

    I feel like I have to verify the CD with the track numbers offset by 1 for a total of 28. But then PerfectTunes complains that it's an incomplete album. If I make the data track the first, it complains that the track length is different than cd original.

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    Re: Issues with hybrid CD.

    The disc will not be in AccurateRip if the whole disc cannot be verified (there might exist a different pressing which is out of the checking range). The track numbers should start always at 1 never offsetted, unless there is a hidden first track then the first track will have a track number of 0.

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    Re: Issues with hybrid CD.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mangix View Post
    First issue is that the tag for the last track is missing. Should be Sharp Fear Short.
    That's most likely because it is wrong from the external metadata providers. Sometimes happens for ordinary discs too.

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