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Thread: dbPoweramp + codecs 32-bit to 64-bit installation

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    dbPoweramp + codecs 32-bit to 64-bit installation

    I am currently running Windows 7 64-bit with dBpoweramp R14.4, DSP Effects R9 and some Utility codecs, all 32-bit.

    I foresee potential problems/confusion with older dBpoweramp 32-bit elements when upgrading to the 64-bit version.

    How do I install dBpoweramp R15 and codecs 64-bit, without leaving any old dBpoweramp 32-bit elements, yet maintaining all current customization?

    Also, will dBpoweramp R15 create a system restore point before installation?
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    Re: dbPoweramp + codecs 32-bit to 64-bit installation

    The installs have kept the same name, so installing the newer 64 bit version will offer to uninstall the older one first, if the old one was left it would not matter as it is in a different folder.

    A restore point is not created.

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