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Thread: Improvement Suggestions

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    Improvement Suggestions

    Following are some improvement suggestions for the PerfectTunes AccurateRip reports:

    On the report screen for rips that could not be checked, I suggest the following improvements:

    1. For rips not having CD quality, it would be useful to split that into two classes, namely a) ones which are below CD quality (e.g. mp3 tracks), and b) ones which are above CD quality (e.g. ones with higher sample rate and/or higher bit depth)

    2. Also have an option for the report to be sorted by i) incomplete albums, ii) albums below CD quality, iii) albums above CD quality.

    On the report screen for rips that had errors, I suggest the following improvements:

    3. Also have an option for the report to be sorted by i) albums with ripping errors, ii) albums with insufficient information to confirm the rip.

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    Re: Improvement Suggestions

    Suggested improvement for Album Art:

    The ability to rescan files that were previously upgraded to higher resolution album art to replace with even higher resolution album art. For example, I replaced a low resolution file with a 500 X 500 image. I would like the ability to replace these 500 X 500 images with even higher resolution images that have become available. I would need to be able to identify these images so I could replace them.


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