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Thread: Windows versions for dBpoweramp

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    Question Windows versions for dBpoweramp

    Sorry to ask maybe a very stupid question here:

    With witch windows versions runs the sw dBpoweramp R14 reference family pack ?

    I want to rip with one or two Kodak KDK-1000-04 professional rippers,
    that info i have:
    "Strongly recommendation here is windows XP.Windows 8 can work, though it takes a little more set up and is slightly slower. Windows Vista and 7 are not recommended, since post-insert CD recognition times can be up to 5 minutes per CD due to a bad interaction between the OS and the hardware."

    Whats your recommendations /experiences ?



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    Re: Windows versions for dBpoweramp

    All OS Win7, XP, 8 they are the same to dBpoweramp.

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    Re: Windows versions for dBpoweramp



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