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Thread: Cannot play 24bit/192kHz flac files

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    Cannot play 24bit/192kHz flac files

    When streaming 24bit/192kHz flac files to my Onkyo NR509, I get the message "cannot play". Could someone tell me, if Asset UpnP should be able to hande these files and if so, what settings should I use.

    All other file types and resolutions work perfectly.

    Please adivse

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    Re: Cannot play 24bit/192kHz flac files

    Asset handles all file types and bit depths, normally FLAC files are sent 'as is' that is untouched to the player, check that your Onkyo can play these flac files.

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    Re: Cannot play 24bit/192kHz flac files

    I checked the nr 509 manual. Flac 24/96 is max. So thats why you get the error from your onkyo. 96 is max for all types of music files.

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