Good afternoon!

I have a Discmakers Pico, and it seems like everything for it has been abandoned. Disc Forge on the duplicator acts wonky (spitting out "bad" burns, then it confuses itself and doesn't continue), and Disc Forge on the website won't run. It asks that it can't find a printer, and refuses to run in burning mode.

Acronova DupliQ looks to be identical (even so much so, that you can fool the drivers to work on Windows 7), but I haven't found a way to fool the software into thinking that it is a DupliQ.

The DupliQ has all the software I could ever want (mainly, integration in to ImgBurn).

Is there a way to make the Discmakers Pico (ID:
%USB\VID_1717&PID_0101.DeviceDesc%=BREADUSB.Dev, USB\VID_1717&PID_0101) into thinking that it is a DupliQ?

Or at the very least, a better burning program than Disc Forge that is compatible?

Thank you,