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Thread: Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers

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    Question Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers

    Hi Spoon,

    Hopefully an easy request for you...

    Would it be possible to implement some modifiers / alternatives to the [date] naming option? As it currently stands it generates a date in the format DD-MM-YYYY, ie complying to British conventions. Would it be possible to generate other date formats, specifically (for me) YYYY-MM-DD or ISO 8601 complaint formats?

    Whilst I am a Brit, using ISO 8601 formats means that date named folders list in correct numeric order, and completely removes any international date confusion.

    This would simplify library management process.


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    Re: Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers

    You should be able to use


    3 times to make your own date from the [date] value in the order you want.

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    Oct 2010

    Re: Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers

    Thanks Spoon! :-)

    Works a treat.

    Some examples in case others are looking for similar thing:

    Format YYYY-MM-DD\

    Format YY-MM-DD\

    Format MM-DD-YYYY\

    Format MM-DD-YY\

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    Re: Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers

    Good to see you got this working. I guess [date] is being retrieved from the System date (set in the Region Control Panel in Windows).

    Out of interest, what do you use [date] for?

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