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Thread: Problems converting FLAC to AIFF

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    Re: Problems converting FLAC to AIFF

    Just a thought - the Windows version of FLAC from http://xiph.org/flac/ always comes with a utility called Flactester.exe which allows the testing of a bunch of files in any folder tree to be tested for correctness. In my experience it is an easy way to identify files with problems.

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    Re: Problems converting FLAC to AIFF

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    The files are definitely corrupted, foobar 2000 (if you open the console) reports the file is corrupted. If you open dBpoweramp Configuration >> Codecs >> Advanced Options

    There is an option for FLAC decoding to 'Corrupt FLAC File - Continue Decoding (errors as information)'
    These songs were ripped all from either mint condition or brand new (Adele) CD's using dBPoweramp software and verified against the AccurateRip database. So can please explain to me why they play fine in FLAC, but will not convert to AIFF? Were they not encoded properly? In the case of the Adele song "Rolling In the Deep" the AIFF version plays fine, but has the same reported errors as the AIFF files that did not convert. These conversion errors happen on 1-2 songs on almost every CD I have tried to convert (I have over 800!). Are you saying this is very common?????

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    Re: Problems converting FLAC to AIFF

    The files have become corrupted (after they were saved with dBpoweramp), I would check where they are stored and run disk scans.

    Corruption can be from either physical hdd failure, or a broken program (such as a tag editor) which corrupts the files.

    The corruption is quite small, so you cannot perhaps hear it when played.

    Once corrupted you can only re-rip the affected tracks. I would make a 1:1 backup of all your music, then convert the whole lot >> Test Conversion, this will show which are corrupted.

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