I purchased dbpoweramp last fall but got sidetracked. I am back on my project and have now purchased a Nimbie USB Plus to bulk rip my 1,000 CD collection and to rip CDs I purchase in the future, which I tend to do in groups of 10-20. It seems from reading the information on this website and various forum posts that (1) there are three different aspects of the process ripping the audio material itself, incorporating the cover art, and incorporating the metadata (artist, album, etc.) and (2) the Bulk Ripper and the CD Ripper are two different products with different features and that ultimately, the CD ripper produces a higher quality overall result. Is there a way to get the advantages of the automated CD ripping process of the Bulk Ripper with the superior metadata and cover art available with the CD Ripper? I was thinking that perhaps running the Bulk Ripper on the collection followed by using PerfectTunes to clean up the cover art and metadata would work. But CD Ripper seems to have the PerfectMeta process that Bulk Ripper and perhaps PerfectTunes do not. Any suggestions? Thanks.