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Thread: Batch Ripper - newbie questions

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    Re: Batch Ripper - newbie questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Keironbrown View Post
    Maybe a lot of detailed experimentation may throw something up. but as garym says, this should work. And life may be too short!
    I would persevere as this problem may impact further down the line and cause you more grief.

    If you can be bothered try as Spoon suggested:

    1. Uninstall dBpweramp Music Converter.
    2. Reboot.
    3. Install dBpweramp Music Converter.
    4. Reboot.

    Then, just to confirm something, right click your folder. From the dropown menu, do you see dBpoweramp Batch Converter option, can you select it and does the dBpweramp Batch Converter window open?

    (FYI. This is a Batch Converter issue and not a Batch Ripper issue).
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