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Thread: Error Message Beta Period Has Expired

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    Error Message Beta Period Has Expired

    I purchased dBpoweramp v.14.3 and installed PerfectTunes Beta 7. Everything worked great. Then I got a notice that a new version of dBpoweramp was available (14.4) and a new beta version of PerfectTunes (v8).

    I installed dBpoweramp v.14.4 over 14.3 and everything works fine. My problem is with PerfecTunes. I installed beta 8 over beta 7 and now I get the message that the time period for this beta has expired when I try to run the beta 8 version of PerfectTunes.

    Even if I uninstall beta 7, clean the registry and then install beta 8 I get the same message.

    This is a Windows XP computer.

    What do I do to get the beta 8 version of PerfectTunes to work?

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    Re: Error Message Beta Period Has Expired

    PerfectTUNES has left beta, download from here:


    It is now Release 1

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