So the last track being short by 588 samples (I have no idea how that relates to track length, seeing as they are the same time length 5:32 and the same data amount 55.92MB) causes the second track onwards to fail verification? Surely only the last track should fail verification... or for that matter, all tracks should fail.

Doing a simple calculation based on frequency and sample count, it works out that the missing samples, relate to less than 1/60 of a second. I'm guessing it probably finishes too soon, after a period of silence. If PerfectTUNES is rejecting full albums, due to missing periods of silence of that size, at the end of the last track, then I am definitely not going to use it. That's like saying a DVD rip fails, because the black screen after the credits was on screen 1/60 of a second too short.

At least we've cleared up where an error (of debateable significance) lies, and saved me some money in the process, so I guess we can call that a successful investigation/resolution.

Thanks guys.