I am getting the message "error ripping to ..... error opening file, check no other program has it open [cidecoder::writeidtags]" when ripping with the Multiencoder on a quad core system.

It is occurring sporadically but on most CDs on around 1-4 tracks on the CD

As far as I can tell by experimentation the cause seems to be that the Windows Search Indexing service has temporarily opened the file and this locks out dbpoweramp from updating the tags - re-ripping the tracks almost always works first time.

When I says seems I ripped 6 CDs and all but one had an error on at least one track. I then paused the Windows Search Indexing service and ripped another 6 CDs with no errors. So not conclusive but highly indicative.

I had seem previous advice that security software can cause these symptoms and have excluded the relevant folders form scanning

Any ideas welcome on how to get round this as pausing Windows Search Indexing service seems overkill - a longer delay in dbpoweramp would be one solution but there is no user option to modify this

kind regards