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Thread: Batch Converter - Tracks/Total Tracks Count

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    Batch Converter - Tracks/Total Tracks Count


    Is it possible through use of ID Tag Update - Manipulation - Rule Based Manipulation (or any other way) to update the track number from being single digits (1, 2, 3, 4...) to be double digit/total tracks (01/15, 02/15, 03/15, 04/15...)?

    I've tried using
    IF Track=1
    SET Track=01
    IF Track=2
    SET Track=02

    which seems to work to get the double digit bit, but is there a more elegant way .. something like
    IF Track=n
    SET Track=nn

    Secondly, does the total number of tracks get stored in a tag field during ripping so that it can be called back later - like now!?
    If so, how do you call it in ID Tag Update?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Batch Converter - Tracks/Total Tracks Count

    It might depend on which audio format you are using, it might not be possible for the tag to store a '0' internally.

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