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Thread: I'm a colleg djay...

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    I'm a colleg djay...

    ...and I like to make compilation CD's to play on my radio show. I just purchased dbpoweramp and CD writer and jumped right in trying to make a compilation CD. In the past, in my old software, I have been able to create a CD and then make a CD booklet with the track number, track name, and artist name. For example, the tracks show up on the booklet as:

    01 - So Unkind, Elmore James 2:31
    02 - Southern Hospitality, Swamp Cabbage 4:37
    03 - The Comeback, Joe Williams & Count Basie Orchestra 4:14
    and so on.

    The track number, track name, and track time are populated, I just have to type in the artist name.

    This arrangement makes it easy to pick the track and artist and record both on the station log. It also makes it easy to pick a 2 minute song when I have 2 minutes to fill before my next PSA. Plus, it doesn't take much time because all I have to type in for the booklet to go in the jewel case is the artist name, everything else is populated.

    When using CD writer I don't see a way to edit the track name to add the artist name. Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this? Also, is there a way to make a booklet for my compilation CD's to go inside a jewel case showing what I need it to show (i.e. track number, track name, artist name and track time).



    Note that this is also cross posted in the "How Do I" forum.

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    Re: I'm a colleg djay...

    cd writer will not write cd text to the disc.

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