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Thread: Asset UPnp Advanced Settings

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    Question Asset UPnp Advanced Settings

    Hello, I've been using asset UPnp from the very beginning
    and although I'm very satisfied, something as bothered me for a while :

    With Asset UPnP (4.1), albums with various artists are listed in "Album view"
    as multiple albums, one for each artist.
    As I have a huge collection with hundreds of compilations,
    this is confusing and the actual number of albums is not correct.
    As control points I use : Asset Control (still no version for IOS?),
    Songbook Lite and ChorusHD.

    I can't figure out how to change this in the advanced settings
    I tried to check and uncheck : [album] - [artist] for album listings
    & [artist] - [title] for Various Artist album tracks, to no avail.

    If this is possible (one album for a compilation of different artists),
    do I loose something in the "Artist/album" view ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Asset UPnp Advanced Settings

    Your various artist CDs need a flag setting in the tags to tell Asset that they are various artist cds.

    In dBpoweramp you would add a compilation tag set to 1

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