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Thread: Trying to understand Accurate

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    Trying to understand Accurate

    Hello there,

    I ripped a Album CD today, but I dont know how to interprete the result.

    Song 1 Accurate(27)
    Song 2 Accurate(26)
    Song 3 Accurate(27)
    Song 4 Accurate(27)
    Song 5 Accurate(27)
    Song 6 Accurate(26)
    Song 7 Accurate(7)
    Song 8 Accurate(27)
    Song 9 Accurate(27)

    1. How I have to understand the result. Is song no. 7 OK or not. I mean this is an album and I thougt every song should be at 27 or 26 if without error. But Accurate(7)?

    2. Song 2 has Accurate status (26) and not 27. Does it mean, that my result is the same as 26 (of 27) users have also? Does this mean, that a different user (not me) from the 27 users has an invalid rip result at Song 2?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Re: Trying to understand Accurate

    2. Correct, one user had an error

    1. Is more interesting, you do not have an error (depending how you look at it...perhaps). There are discs out there and drives which read discs differently, it is likely that different drives read this track differently (such as the drives rip with a track offset), perhaps down to a manufacturing error.

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