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Thread: Humble request for the DDP or ISO Image format

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    Humble request for the DDP or ISO Image format

    I'm currently archive an extensive audio cd collection with this wonderful product. Unfortunately, I am unable to successfully create a full disk image with your product. When ripping to lossless wav and flac, the timing in between the songs isn't always perfect when trying to recreate a physical CD. I currently use Sonoris DDP Creator in other audio engineering projects, but seriously dislike a lot of things about actually using the program. I would love it if there was a codex plugin or simply an "image rip" setting that would pull a full disk image of any audio cd in either the ISO or DDP formats. I would even be ok with it ripping the full image after going through the other rips (after verifying that the rips are accurate of course). Basically, I want the timing between songs, after songs, at the beginning of the cd, and any hidden audio data, exactly as it appears on the physical cd, so if a pressed or replicated copy of the cd were ever created, it would be bit for bit identical to the source. If anyone has already figured this out, I would like a point in the right direction. Thanks again for a great product!

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    Re: Humble request for the DDP or ISO Image format

    These disc formats (ISO) are for data cds only, you cannot store an audio CD as ISO.

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    Re: Humble request for the DDP or ISO Image format

    dBpoweramp will allow you to rip the entire disc to a single file and create or corresponding CUE sheet with gap detection. This will not include non-audio portions of the disc.

    If you are the same person posting on Hydrogen Audio, I don't think you need to do this second step and its not going to do what you think it is.

    Rip once, Rip to FLAC. Use accuraterip, and if the disc isn't in accuraterip (rare) it may be in cuetools database (very rare that its not in either).

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