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Thread: No CD After Load

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    No CD After Load

    Has anyone else seen an increase in No CD After Load -> Reject events in the batch ripper recently when the CD is loaded, perhaps with the most recent versions of dbpoweramp?

    I noticed it in testing and it appears to come and go, and doesn't seem to be related to the type of drive being used...

    I checked for conflicting filter drivers on the machine but found none. Was planning to test on another machine next week...


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    Re: No CD After Load

    I run into the same with the Kodak kiosk robot. It will rip about 70% of the cd's and I manually rip the rest.
    I've experimented with different settings to no avail. No answers here. Hopefully someone with more experience will be able to chime in with an answer. I'm reluctant to rip more than the 400-500 disks since I had to sort through to find which ones were successful. I'm will to pay more money for something I can set and forget without the concern and extra labor of resorting the cd's.
    Any ideas anyone? Dbpoweramp is a great program. I only have problems with the batch ripper / driver combo.


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