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Thread: Wav-2-m4a

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    I have my audio files on my computer in WAV format, which is great - but for my portable player, I need a format smaller..My portable player (creative, ZEN) will play ACC files, but only if they're in M4A format. I've downloaded the files from the Nero Site, and can convert the WAV files to AAC...but if I try to convert the WAV files to M4A..I'm instructed I need to download a file from Nerodigital...but, clicking the 'red help' icon, leads me to a page, that gives me no indication what file I need to download...
    What file do I need to download (and a link would be great)

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    Re: Wav-2-m4a

    You mention that you downloaded some files from the Nero site. Did you installed them where the ACC codec help tells you to?

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    Re: Wav-2-m4a

    Uninstall the AAC encoder as it is not needed, the m4a Nero (AAC) needs the nero files putting into the 'm4a Nero (AAC)' encoder folder.

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