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Thread: Real Audio RMJ converter

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    Re: Real Audio RMJ converter

    LOL! You're welcome! :smile2:

    BTW, if your hatred of Real Player comes from it's typical way of hijacking media types (as do most players actually), you can control that quite easily from Real Player >Tools > Preferences > Configure > Media Types and select any or none of the media types you want Real Player to be the default player for. You can also disable the automatic update it loves to perform which resets all those preferences. You can do the same thing with most players and in the end they can all live happily on your system so you have them handy if the need arises. Let's face it, if ever you have problems with the real media type, using Real Player will determine at least if the problem lies with the file or not. Besides it is able to tell you information about the file that you may not be able to get in any other way. Furthermore it is necessary in order to play any real media off the web which is served via a .smil file. I'm not sure if Real Alternative can do the same, it might, I have never tried it.

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    Re: Real Audio RMJ converter

    have it want it???it is called Mini-streamRipper or "FairStars Audio Converter AudioConverter. there you go.you will need to also download real player if you don't have it.

    any thing else???

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