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Thread: Rip as One

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    Question Rip as One

    I own 13.5 and want to know if the newest version includes a way to just single click way to perform a rip as one of a CD? I buy audio books on CD and want them ripped as one file per CD but currently dbpoweramp takes a few extra click to do it and that gets old quickly where there are a lot of cds involved. Also, for some reason the title becomes "Rip as One" instead of the Album name or anything other than that. And having the artist, album, genre and year stick would be advantageous too. Or is there a command line way to do all of this? I am not afraid of scripting to get what I want. Maybe batch ripper could do this? Thanks, Bill

    BTW, the forum search does not work for "rip as one" or rip as one, first one comes back with Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms., second one says the words are too common and are ignored. I had been hoping to find other questions on the same subject in case it had already been answered.

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    Re: Rip as One

    R14 is the same as R13 in regards to Rip as One functionality.

    Batch Ripper or scripting will not help, sorry.

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