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Thread: "Detect & catalog new tracks" stops working

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    "Detect & catalog new tracks" stops working

    I have a customers RipNas in the shop where there's some oddity with the Asset server:

    The checkbox "Detect & catalog new tracks" in Asset is checked. But after ripping a bunch of CDs which all pop up nicely on the Asset server using Asset Control, then suddenly the new rips stop showing up in the Asset Server and Asset Control. They are visible on the file share, they are there, ripped and tagged and securely ripped according to the Ripnas tab in the home server console. But not visible in the Asset server..

    If I check in the Homeserver control panel on the Asset "tab" and the line "Library Contains xxx tracks, xx albums", the number of albums showed is not including the latest rips but a lower number.

    What can I do?

    EDIT: Using Asset 4.1

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    Re: "Detect & catalog new tracks" stops working

    On the Asset Tab >> Edit advanced settings

    The path which asset scans, it cannot be:


    instead it has to be a drive, such as:


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    Re: "Detect & catalog new tracks" stops working

    Super! Added it to my short FAQ :-)

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