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Thread: Uppercase All First Characters

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    Uppercase All First Characters

    I'm an oldskool CD ripper who is used to using EAC and discogs.
    I like how EAC gives the option to uppercase all the first characters.
    Right now you can use a plugin to do something similar after the rip but it lowercase letters that should not be.
    I addressed this in another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by toNka64 View Post
    The DSP option forces everything to lowercase except the first letter.
    It needs to ignore words that are all CAPS though.
    So "The NASA Experiment is Old News" becomes "The NASA Experiment Is Old News" instead of "The Nasa Experiment Is Old News".
    It would be very nice if Spoon can place this option in to the PerfectMeta settings so it can all happen before ripping instead of post processing.
    This would make sure the file is named the same as the meta data.

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    Re: Uppercase All First Characters


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    Re: Uppercase All First Characters

    Often freedb has capitals for all when it should not, so SPACE NASA could not intelligently become Space NASA

    I do not see how it would work.

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    Re: Uppercase All First Characters

    I would like to add, this is not a trivial issue. As a classical music lover, I have been ripping my collection. A lot of the online metadata is capitalized incorrectly because of these automatic routines.

    For example, a tempo marking might read "Allegro, Ma Non Troppo" when the correct form is "Allegro, ma no troppo". This may seem trivial to those who don't listen to classical music, but it is jarring to those who do, just as "The rolling Stones" would be to many.

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