Asset has been updated to R4.1, now has smarter handling of artwork and multi artist albums which are incorrectly tagged (without Album Artist or Compilation)


Full Change Log

Removed folder.jpg change detection
Priority given to internal artwork, multiple art works are checked for front cover match
detects multi disc on disc number > 1 instead of disc count
Detects and combines split albums which are compilation albums and are incorrectly tagged (no album artist and compilation flag not set)
Changed read ahead audio stream cache to priority threading
[all soloistss] corrected to show [all soloists]
1980's now shown as 1980s, etc

Search update, if get a image or video request it is ignored

bug fix: Fixed a memory leak
bug fix: upstream art could go missing on certain artists
bug fix: XBox 360 works again (MS please follow UPnP spec, rather than doing your own thing )
bug fix: for any search request it does not add any helpers to the title (which might be later used to open an album for example)