I'm new in using dbpoweramp, so I'm not much skilled in it. I wanted to ask about my problem:

I have few hundreads of CDs ripped in flac and I want to use all of them in my iPod with some EQ. However iPod's equalizer is very crappy - EQ is applied after amplifying and in most cases produces distortion (clipping). The only way to apply EQ is to lower the gain of track itself (using iTUNnorm tags (sound check) - Apple version of reaplygain - is useless, because just like EQ, sound check is applied after amplifying). I know it is a destructive way for audio files, but the only way to use EQ. But iPod's preinstalled EQ presets aren't good for me, so I'm thinking about using EQ DSP while converting flac into alac. All of songs I have are recorded at different volume levels (95-100 dB). So the question is:

What is the best way to adjust gain of all songs to the same level (95 dB), while also adding graphic EQ into them? The priority is to damage audio files as little as possible.

Note: None of my songs have replaygain tags in them, so probably it can't be done with "replay gain (apply)" DSP.