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Thread: super high flow ripping

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    super high flow ripping

    I realize somewhat better ripping flow can be achieved already today if using the batch ripper BUT it is not super efficient if you need to review the metadata properly (ie i always try to add the composer and year to each individual track, which can be quite time-consuming for compilation/collection discs, especially if the inlay print is so small that it is hard to read). As most album art found automatically is 300x300 or so and I want 600x600 i usually need to scan the album artwork too, adding up to quite some time taken to create/edit metadata before the ripping can start.

    I suggest to add option to start ripping each inserted disc immediately (to raw/wav files in temp dir)

    WHILE ripper is running, allow the user to retrieve the perfectmeta matches and do their edits, fetch/scan add album art etc.

    When user is satisfied, press APPLY and all the raw files are in sequence (or parallell for reference edition) run through the normal encoder and dsp effects etc. (in fact this could be done while the user is still editing metadata, if the tags and filename changes are applied after encoding/compression is finished instead of being applied alongside the encoding.

    This would create a much better-flowing user experience and reduce total time to rip a disc since i usually take at least 5, more often 10 minutes to review the metadata for each disc (add another extra 3-4 minutes if i also have to scan the album art) and all of this today has to be done before ripping can start.

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    Re: super high flow ripping

    People effectively achieve this with multiple drives, at some point the slowest part is not the CD drive, rather user looking at the data.

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    Re: super high flow ripping

    also, do you realize that when ripping if you click on the artwork options next to the "automatically" found art, it will show you other artwork options. I often am able to find 1000x1000 easily by doing this rather than using the artwork initially offered.

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