I have succesfully been using dppoweramp to rip my cd's as .flac, I use Sonos to play them.
A customer of mine also has dbpoweramp, He rips his cd's as .flac and plays them thru Linn DS and Sonos.
Or at least He thought he did, since recently he has realised his Sonos will not read ANY of the cd's he has ripped, only the Linn DS will play them!
I have taken a couple of his files that he has ripped to my home system and found the same thing, they will not play thru my Sonos either.
All I get and all my customer gets is maybe 1sec of the track then the message "unable to play.....the track is not encoded correctly"
I have looked at the properties of the problem track and compared it to one of my own working tracks and cannot see any differences.
Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?