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Thread: Automating ID Tag data entry/edit

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    Automating ID Tag data entry/edit

    Hi Friends,

    I am facing a peculiar problem with few batches of music files. I downloaded about 15GB music fies in various lots. In few lots, I found that data entered in Artist & Album column got reversed. Now I want to correct those data in an automated manner, because manual editing of few thousand music files becomes extremely difficult.

    In another batch, I found that name of artist & album name not entered in ID tag. This one is less problematic, as all the songs sung by 2 artists & only from 3/4 albums. I want to make entry in ID tag in an automated manner.

    I would like to know whether is it possible to make abovesaid corrections /entry in a batch mode with the help of dbpoweramp or any other software so that the problem can be solved with least manual effort.

    Thanks & regards,

    J.G. Paul

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    Re: Automating ID Tag data entry/edit

    dBpoweramp is not able to help you here, later this year PerfectTUNES will be able to tag files.

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