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Thread: Minor annoyance in CD Write

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    Minor annoyance in CD Write

    Let's say I last used Music Converter to transcode a few of my Oggs to low bitrate WMA to be able to put as many as possible on a portable MP3 player. Say I also used volume normalize on those transcoded files.

    Then, when I use CD Write, the volume normalize option will still be on. I know that for some people it is desirable (like when making a compilation from many different source CD) but say I am burning all Ogg files that originally were from the same factory pressed CD and I just want an expandable copy on CD-R? I have no need to volume normalization in that case.

    Shouldn't there be an option screen to turn it on or off from within CD writer instead of just using the last used effects from the last manual conversion? Because I am guessing this also applies to any other effects might have been activated previously (like remove silence, add silence, fade in fade out, etc)

    Just a thought. It's an annoyance more than a bug obviously, there's an easy workaround.

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