I'm using coreconverter to convert wav files to both wma and rm files formats. These are voice files from the voice mail system.

Here are two examples:

"c:\program files\illustrate\dBpoweramp\coreconverter.exe" -infile="c:\qti\ivr\work\1255_10388858.wav" -outfile="c:\qti\ivr\work\1255_10388858.wma" -convert_to="Windows Media Audio 10" -codec="Windows Media Audio 9 Voice" -settings=" 16 kbps, 16 kHz, mono" -cbr

"c:\program files\illustrate\dBpoweramp\coreconverter.exe" -infile="c:\qti\ivr\work\1255_10388858.wav" -outfile="c:\qti\ivr\work\1255_10388858_1.rm" -convert_to="Real Audio (Helix)" -af="0" -ec="1" -ta="4"

The wma converts without issue, but the rm file has an audio length that is 50% of the actual playback time. It plays but just to half way through the original audio.

I've also not been able to find any full documentation on the cli values for the helix codec. My guess is I've got some value set that is causing a conflict and making to miscalculate the audio length time. I'm using the values presented in the helix codec help, but it seems incomplete.

Any insight would be helpful.