Would be excellent if you could allow custom scripts (or language-specific wordlists) to generate the SmartCapitalize output (add an extra button for each custom script/language).

Reason 1: Not Everybody Wants Initial Caps on all Words Except a, an, in, of etc. and Automatic Caps on I, IV, V, VI etc.

Reason 2: Not all artist name parts start with capital letter ie "Simon le Bon" and "Paul van Dyk". (come to think of it, somewhat different rules should probably apply to the artist fields (vs. the title fields))

Reason 3: Works really bad for some foreign languages. Example: German grammar rules need all Nouns to have initial capital letter and nothing else. Swedish "i" means in(side) and should not be caps. "vi" means we and should not be caps (your smartcaps thinks it is a latin numeral and converts it to VI )

If the above can't be implemented any time soon, please consider at least adding a "SmartLower"-button to convert everything except the first initial letter in the TITLE fields (only) to lower. ie For Once in My Life (Radio Edit) --> For once in my life (radio edit)" so I don't have to do this manually for every single title (very annoying and time-consuming this is, yes it is). The metadata options could contain a custom-editable lists of words to always inital-cap (Paris, September, Friday, C-minor) and to always fullcap (DJ, MC, XI, VII, H2O, YMCA) and to always lowercap when not positioned first in a field (in, my, for, do, and, with, your)

For the very interested reader, a whole chapter (7) is dedicated to the intricacies of captialization in the "Chicago Manual of Style" and another full chapter (14) is dedicated to how abbreviations should be used.